Without a team of enthousiastic volunteers, it would be impossible to organize a major sports event like the EuroHockey Championships 2021. If you want to sign up, you can send an e-mail to vrijwilligers@knhb.nl. You can find the different jobdiscripsions below.

Stadium Crewmember

The stadium crew members will work in and around the Wagener Stadium. They are the public face of the organisation and will be based where the action is. So, to do the job you need to be enthusiastic, professional, able to cope with stress and have great communication skills.

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Operational team members

The operational team is responsible for everything outside the stadium before, during and after the tournament. This includes setting up the temporary facilities and dismantling them after the event is over, managing the signage and dealing with deliveries and storage.

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To make sure the EuroHockey Championships pass off smoothly, we are looking for a number of Jacks and Jills of all trades. These volunteers can tackle a wide variety of jobs. They will help out wherever it is busy or there is a shortage of staff.

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Crewhouse host

The Crewhouse host registrate everything concerning the volunteers and helps them to start on their shift. During the day you will manage the catering for the volunteers and manage that it will be organized and everybody feels home.

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