Testing for access

The national and local governments have decided that the EuroHockey Championships 2021 can take place with an audience. But only if every visitor aged 12 and older can hand over a negative rapid antigenic coronavirus test result.

Visitors can only be tested via ‘Testen voor Toegang’ (testing for access). Testing will be free of charge and can be done at 30 locations throughout The Netherlands. Visitors can make an appointment via testenvoortoegang.org (for English, click the button in the upper left corner).

Please note that we are not allowed to accept tests carried out by yourself, tests done via the regular GGD channels or vaccination certificates as an entrance ticket!

Below you will find the steps that need to be taken. A few of them will be further explained in this article.

Step-by-step testing for access

  1. Every visitor aged 12 and older makes an appointment for a test at: org (for English, click the button in the upper left corner).
    Choose ‘Audience at a sports game’ to answer the question ‘For what type of activity do you want to get tested?’
  2. You can have yourself tested at one of the designated locations.
  3. You will receive the test result by e-mail containing a unique code.
  4. Download the CoronaCheck app via Apple Store or Google Play.
  5. Enter your code in the CoronaCheck app. A unique QR-code will appear.
  6. To access the venue, the following is required:
    – valid test certificate (in the CoronaCheck app or printed via coronacheck.nl);
    – identification;
    – entrance ticket.


In order to get access to the EuroHockey Championships 2021 is it necessary for every visitor to get tested within 40 hours before the start of the match they are planning to visit. To minimize the risk, the KNHB asks every visitor to get themselves tested as close to the event as possible, preferably at a testing location nearby your accommodation/home address. Visit testenvoortoegang.org to schedule your appointment.

Bring the following to your testing appointment:

  • confirmation of the appointment;
  • identification.

You will not have to show your entrance ticket when you get tested.

The testing locations of testing for access work with rapid antigenic tests validated by the RIVM. The tests are administered by a qualified healthcare professional. The medical and pharmaceutical responsibility for testing lies with the doctors and the pharmacists of the test provider.

Test result

You will receive the test result within an hour after the test. You will receive your test result by e-mail. Keep an eye on your spam folder, just to be sure.

Tested negative?
Then you will receive a unique code in your e-mail with the test result. In the CoronaCheck app you convert this code into a digital test certificate (QR-code).

Tested positive?
With a positive test result you will not receive a test certificate and therefore will not get access to the event. Follow the guidelines of the RIVM immediately.


Did you receive a negative test result? Then you can visit the event, provided that you have a valid entrance ticket. You can collect your negative test result in the CoronaCheck-app. This is how it works:

  1. Download the CoronaCheck app via Apple Store or Google Play
  2. Enter your code in the CoronaCheck app. You will receive this code via e-mail containing your (negative) test result.
  3. The code will be checked and the CoronaCheck app collects your test result.
  4. The CoronaCheck-app converts your negative test result into a valid test certificate. This is a QR-code that can be scanned at the entrance to the venue.

If you or other people from your household do not have their own mobile phone, you can print out the test certificate via coronacheck.nl. Please note that the e-mail with the test result is not valid as an entrance ticket!

Your QR-code will be scanned upon entrance to the venue at the Wagener Stadion. Is your code valid and you have a valid entrance ticket? Then you can enter the venue.

Please note that your QR-code is only valid for 40 hours (from testing until access to the event). If your code is no longer valid, you will not get access to the venue.

Are you in need of a new valid QR-code because you plan another visit to the EuroHockey Championships 2021 on another day? Then you will have to get tested again.

You can find more information on the CoronaCheck-app on coronacheck.nl


Do you have any questions regarding testing for access? On testenvoortoegang.org you will find an extended list of frequently asked questions. Please check the website regularly, since it contains all the up-to-date information you need to know before visiting the EuroHockey Championships 2021.