Side Events

Four world famous umpires will join us for a morning coffee during our annual hockey congress, an official side event of the EuroHockey Championships 2021. This series was created to answer the most burning questions we get from our international audience on various topics, for all referees interested in improving their knowledge. Are you looking forward for it as much as we do? Subscribe for one, or all of the online sessions in which Ben Göntgen, Alison Keogh, Sarah Wilson and Paco Vazquez will share essential tips and answer all your professional questions. What are the ones you come up with?

8.30-9.30 Monday June 7th –  Morning coffee with Ben Göntgen: Body language and the video umpire 

9.00-10.00 Tuesday June 8th –  Morning coffee with Alison Keogh: Positioning 

9.00-10.00 Thursday June 10th – Morning coffee with Sarah Wilson: The value of communication with teams

9.00-10.00 Friday June 11th – Morning coffee with Paco Vazquez: How to sell your decision